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When taking a snow blower to your driveway, there are two ways you can do it: however you darn well would like, and the efficient way. The first method may or may not keep you outside longer than you should, while the second will have you back on the couch in record time, allowing you to warm up with a mug of cocoa sooner. Take a look at Snow Blower Source‘s tips on how to clear snow the most efficient way possible no matter what type of fluffy white stuff fell.



Don’t Blow Against the Wind

If you’ve ever hopped on a bicycle, then you know what headwinds and tailwinds can do. The wind can be a very strong determiner in how you set up snow clearing and make the difference between feeling like the job is heavy and like it will never end.

When picking a direction to go, aim the chute so snow is blowing with the wind. This way, the wind will carry it off to the lawn instead of blowing it right back to an area you just cleared. That being said, it’s also important to…

Pick a Patter

Along with wind speed and direction, the other big factor that’ll determine snow blowing is how you’ll be clearing your drive. On the surface, it seems like just attacking the snow and getting it off shouldn’t make much difference than a systematic approach, but the latter is a far better method to adopt.

Think back to any hockey game you watched or attended and what the Zamboni did: it started off in the middle and went in outward concentric circles. This is mostly to allow for steering width and capability and it’s worked splendidly. Your snow blower obviously has a lot more agility to it than a Zamboni but your methodology should still be one a main focus. There are two main ways you can clear your driveway:

  • Zamboni approach: Start in the middle and carve a straight line down. Turn at the top and clear circular lines outward, using the first middle strip as your anchor, until you reach the outer edges. Just make sure your chute is always pointed toward the same dumping spot.
  • Outer to core: Just start on the outside and go up and down until you reach the other side.
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    Pick One Place to Dump the Snow

    Wind direction will largely determine your dumping ground, but what we mean is a little more strategic than that. In many cities, there are rules against dumping snow onto the streets (as tempting as it may be) so you’ve got to figure out other places for it to go. Lawns are another obvious place, but what if your neighbor has a strict no-dumping policy on their property? Whatever you decide, make sure to avoid the following:

  • On curbs where you can create blindspots either for yourself or other drivers on the road (e.g. garbage pickup, neighbors coming home).
  • Too close to your house where it can potentially leak into your home and cause severe water damage.
  • Away from cars or other vehicles because you could potentially be launching bits of ice or gravel at metal and glass.
  • Snow Blower Source wants to see you enjoy all the snowy days when you have to pull out your Toro or Ariens snow blower, so make sure you follow these tips for an easy job. To also ensure your job goes well, make sure you’re using the right equipment. We’ve got an awesome lineup of machines with free shipping on all of them, so take a look to see what strikes your fancy.

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