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Whether it’s global warming or just Mother Nature giving us a swift kick in the rear end, this winter has been intense, to say the least. Here are some of the ways snow blowers have snuck into the news.


Snow Blowers Are In Hot Demand

A recent spate of winter storms has meant that homeowners are loading up on snow blowers in record numbers, with the first one of 2014 bearing down on the Northeast. Last night, snow began falling in New York and New England, paving the way for will be a mighty snowfall today and tomorrow. People can expect to see as much as a foot of snow in some areas and it’ll have to get cleared one way or another, whether by shovel or by snow blower.


Michigan and Illinois have already been hard hit, with 12 inches falling in the former and 6 in the latter, scuttling hundreds of flights and leaving people scrambling to find a way to get around. But for those who didn’t have to go further than the end of the driveway and had a snow blower, the storm wasn’t too bad. But if you’re a snow blower owner, make sure to always lock it up in your driveway, or you could fall victim to snow blower thieves like these people.

Safety Not Always First Thought With Snow Blowers

Canadians are typically thought of as our polite, do-good neighbors to the north who are born with snow in their veins, but a couple of mishaps with snow blowers lately seem to have punctured that image a bit. In the eastern end of the country on Prince Edward Island, two separate accidents have raised caution that snow blowers need to be treated with utmost care and caution.


Poor visibility caused one man to crash his snow blower through the window of Robin’s Donuts in the middle of the night, smashing the windows and causing about $10,000 worth of damages. Another man in Summerside got his hand seriously caught in his tractor-run snow blower. Make sure when you’re using your snow blower that you go cautiously and with control, and always turn off (and unplug) your snow blower if anything seems off or stuck.

This winter, always use extreme caution when using your snow blower, especially with storms coming in that can severely reduce visibility and hamper snow clearing efforts. Bundle up warmly, and check out our selection of Ariens and Toro snow blowers to make sure you’re using the best machines on the market. All products are shipped FREE to the lower 48 states, and you can usually find something on special that’s just right for you.

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