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Although our snow days are starting to get left behind, we’ve still got a solid month or so of them left. And until it’s over, Snow Blower Source wants you and your family to have on last go at fun, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the top winter and snow activities you can take part in.



1. Sledding

You don’t need anything fancy or expensive to get started. Just grab an old garbage lid, sled, magic carpet or toboggan, find yourself the closest hill and get set to rocket down it. When you’re done, you’ve got the perfect excuse for indulging in a cup of hot chocolate and one — or two or three — cookies after. Oh, and if you bring your dog, try not to let this happen.

2. Building Snowmen

It doesn’t matter how much or how little snow you’ve got, building snow men is something you can do with the family. Even if it’s just an inch or two you’ve got on the ground, use peppercorns for the eyes instead of lumps of coal. And besides, if you zoom in with your camera and blur the background, nobody will be able to tell just how big or small it really is.

Bonus: Instead of making snowmen, create other critters from the snow, like caterpillars, birds, horses and whatever else hits your imagination.



3. Dogsledding

You’ll have to go a bit out of town for this one, but the experience will be totally worth it. You won’t have to learn dog commands or how to control a sled — all you have to do is climb in, let yourself get covered by the blanket, and enjoy the ride. It’s pretty neat seeing how a pack of a handful of dogs can run you around for so long.

4. Snow Graffiti

Before the snow melts, create your own masterpieces in it with a little bit of spray paint. Grab a few bottles of the most brightly-colored spray paint, create some stencils from cardboard, and channel your inner Jackson Pollock on the snow. The great part about it is it’s cheap and there’s hardly any cleanup, but make sure to take pictures as soon as you’re done so you can keep the memories forever.

5. Cross-Country Skiing

It’s one of the best whole-body workouts you can give yourself and your family, as you’ll need just about every muscle in the body to move. But on the bright side, you don’t have to be an Olympian to strap on a pair of skis and have fun, and you can go entirely at your own pace on the trails.



6. Snow Cones

Why pay a handful of dollars for something you can create in your own backyard at home for just a few pennies? All you need is flavored syrup, paper cone cups and snow. Grab some snow — make sure it’s clean! — and put it into the cup, drizzle syrup all over it, and enjoy.

7. Snow Tubing

There’s more than one way to get down a hill and on an inflatable — and relatively bounce-proof — inner tube is probably the best way to go. The ride may be bumpy but you’ll hardly feel a thing, and you’ll have a blast trying to right yourself as the tube spins and spins and leaves you facing every which way.

Snow doesn’t have to be all about using your snow blower to maximum use, especially when you’ve got these awesome seven activities to enjoy. But if your machine does need an extra bit or part or you need a new one for next season, stop by our online store and get exactly what you need — and we’ll send it over as fast as can possibly be done without beaming it over.

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