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Unfortunately, the day hasn’t yet arrived when you get use your snow blower, stow it in your garage for the warmer months, and have it working like it’s brand new next year. Until that happens, you, my fellow intrepid snow warrior, must give your Toro snow blower a little bit of love.

Toro Power Max 1028 OXE Electric Start Model 38663 Two Stage Snow Blower 2014


You could probably just use your two-way snow blower in one direction, and you could probably even rewire some doohickey that’ll allow the snow to blow out of a different hole. But when it comes to your engine, the heart of the machine, there’s no getting any related problems.

How to Maintain

Keeping your engine oiled (and keeping the oil clean!) is one of the easiest ways to prolong the life of your engine. But don’t forget about your spark plug, either! This little piece is vastly under-appreciated but hits high above its weight in importance.


The part most responsible for keeping all the little pieces together, your Toro snow blower belt should be in good working condition for it to clear snow effectively. This is one part that people tend to neglect until it’s too late, but that’s okay- you’re obviously not one of them if you’re reading this!

How to Maintain

If you notice your Toro snow blower isn’t clearing snow like when you first bought it, check your belt for wear and tear. Many people wait until it’s broken which is bad. Show your neighbors you know a thing or two by changing your belt regularly.

Scraper Bars and Paddle Kits

Such a fancy title for such a simple, yet such an essential component area of your Toro snow blower, Einstein even came up with an equation for it. The math is a little tricky, but it essential means that the more you put the bottom of your snow blower into contact with hard ground, the more it’ll wear out.

How to Maintain

Ever wondered why, other than outgrowing them, you have to replace your shoes? It’s because the constant contact with concrete scrapes a bit of the sole away little by little until holes appear. The scraper bars and paddle kits are the same, and need regular replacement.

Skid Shoes

Unless you’re one of the lucky few with a perfectly level, perfectly smooth driveway, your snow blower is liable to veering and lurching into the cracks…unless you’ve got skid shoes! Heavy duty and designed for wear and tear, skid shoes help you regain a sense of control when clearing snow.

How to Maintain

With this one, you’ll have to rely on timing more than sight because if you go with the latter, you run the risk of scratching up a pretty driveway surface. When the skid shoes start to go, so does your driveway surface. Change them regularly and keep your driveway looking smooth and new.

All it takes is a little bit of care and attention in your snowblower maintenance, and you can keep your Toro snowblower efficiently clearing snow longer than everyone else on the block. Just remember the saying, “A stitch in time saves nine!”

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