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Snow falls and waits for nobody to do so, demanding to be cleared on its own schedule. But just because snow falls when it wants, you don’t have to head out there at the first falling flake. Here are a few reasons why snow clearing in the middle of the night is cultishly popular.


The Quiet

Unless you live right downtown in New York City, not many people in your neighborhood will be up and out at 3am. Because of that, the quiet and solitude can become your best friend, making the street—and neighborhood—feel like entirely your own. It can be a chance to catch up on lost thoughts; ponder the past, present and future; or just take in the stark beauty of a crisp, cold winter night. As brutal as winter weather can be, there’s something awe-inspiring about seeing your breath freeze juxtaposed with soft, fresh snow resting on tree branches.


When you clear your drive in the middle of the night, you don’t have to deal with snow ploughs messing up your work or neighors and kids stomping the snow on your sidewalk into an icy, unclearable layer. Instead, snow clearing during the witching hour lets you go at it entirely at your own pace, letting you work comfortably and how you want.


Good Example

How many times have you woken up to the site of a foot of snow covering everything in your neighborhood and felt dejected as you thought of all the work ahead of you? And how much of that was eased as you looked at your neighbors’ cleared drives, thinking you didn’t want to be the last—or only—one with a snowy driveway. Now you can be that person who’s gotten the jump on everyone else instilling a sense of competitiveness that keeps your neighborhood looking fresh and looked-after.


You probably won’t be able to use your Toro or Ariens snow blower in the middle of the night, as it’ll make a bit of a ruckus that’ll wake up and annoy your neighbors. But for one night, you can keep your snow blower rested and ready to go for the next snowfall, giving you a chance to get a bit of a workout in instead.


With the snow already falling in cities all across the United States and plenty more to come in the next few months, make sure you’re ready for it with a Toro or Ariens snow blower. Check out our single stage snow blowers for light powdering, or two stage snow blowers for a heavier crop. And no matter what you buy, shipping is FREE to the lower 48 states.


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